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Power Oxidizer 250 KW (EC250) Powerstation

The Ener-Core Power Oxidizer 250 KW (EC250) Powerstation is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low pressure, low quality gases which typically cannot be utilized or even flared. By integrating thermal oxidation with proven turbines, the system consumes the widest range of gases from 100% to as low as 1.5% methane - all while producing near-zero NOX emissions.

Feature And Benefits Of The Power Oxidizer 250 KW (EC250) Powerstation

  • Near zero NOx emissions.
  • Meets stringent environmental standards.
  • Accepts fuel with down to 1.5% methane content.
  • Minimal fuel conditioning.

Click Here For Ener-Core Power Oxidizer 250 KW (EC250) Powerstation Product Info Sheet

Fuel Operating Range (HHV) 15 - 2600 Btu/scf (0.55 - 97 MJ/m3)
Nominal Electrical Output 250 kW
Nominal Heat Rate (HHV) 14,600 Btu/kWh (15,400 kJ/kWh)
Electrical Efficiency (LHV) (±2) 26% (+/-2)
System Footprint 52,000 lb (23,600 kg)
Achievable NOx Emissions <1 ppm @15% O2 (dry basis)
Achievable VOC Destruction Efficiency Up to 99% DRE (depending on process conditions)