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Ener-Core Obtains U.S. Patent for System to Convert Waste Gases to Steam

U.S. Patent Number 9,017,618 Is Company’s First Patent to Describe the Application of Power Oxidation Technology to Steam Generation

Will Enable Ener-Core to Expand Its Capabilities To Benefit Industries Utilizing Steam Energy

IRVINE, Calif.-- Ener-Core, Inc. (OTCQB:ENCR), the world’s only provider of Power Oxidation technology and equipment that generates clean power from low-quality and waste gases from a wide variety of industries, has obtained a U.S. patent for a system that converts waste gases into steam or heat for industrial uses. As Ener-Core’s 18th patent issued, it further strengthens the Company’s intellectual property, and is the first out of many to focus on the Power Oxidizer’s generation of steam rather than electricity as the end-product.

Ener-Core’s technology converts waste gases into heat, while at the same time preventing those gases from being released into the atmosphere. A turbine can then use this heat and convert it into useful electricity, and this forms the basis under which Ener-Core already installed several of its turbine-based systems and secured a global license agreement with Dresser-Rand. Under that existing license agreement, Dresser-Rand and Ener-Core are coupling Dresser-Rand’s KG2 gas turbines with Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer, thereby enabling Dresser-Rand’s industrial customers to generate useful, clean electricity from the gases that most customers have historically been flaring (burning). Alternatively, a steam boiler can utilize the heat generated by the Power Oxidizer, and convert it into steam, which is typically an expensive resource within many industrial plants. The new patent is Ener-Core’s first to specifically claim the steam conversion capability of its Power Oxidizer.

Alain Castro, CEO of Ener-Core, said, “Steam is a necessary source of energy for many processes within large industrial facilities, such as chemical plants and refineries. Today, most of the industries requiring steam within their industrial processes must spend a significant amount of capital to purchase fossil fuels, or biomass-based fuels, to generate the on-site steam for their facilities. Yet these same industries also generate waste gases that are flared off in order to comply with environmental policies. Similar to our currently operating electricity-generating power stations, our future products for generating steam will enable many industries to significantly reduce their fuel costs by using their waste gases as the fuel to generate steam for their industrial facilities.”

Dr. Boris Maslov, Chief Technology Officer of Ener-Core, further stated, “Our Power Oxidation technology can be harnessed to produce steam in an efficient and relatively low-cost manner. The system described by this new patent demonstrates how steam generation can be achieved in a way that gives industries an economic advantage while continuing to protect the environment, therefore enabling us to diversify our solutions and our potential partnerships. This capability is independent of the Power Oxidizer’s proven electricity-generating capabilities, which involve its connection with a turbine.”

About Ener-Core

Irvine, California-based Ener-Core, Inc. (ENCR) designs, manufactures and has commercially deployed unique systems that generate base load, clean power from polluting waste gases including methane. Ener-Core’s patented Power Oxidizer is the only solution of its kind that turns one of the most potent pollution sources into a profitable, “always on” source of clean energy. Ener-Core’s technology offers a revolutionary alternative to the flaring (burning) of gaseous pollution while generating operating efficiencies and ensuring compliance with costly environmental regulations.

Ener-Core offers a variety of platforms including the 250kW Ener-Core Powerstation EC250 ("EC250"), the Ener-Core Power Oxidizer 333 KW Powerstation (“EC333”) and the larger counterpart, the 2MW Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3GEF/PO.

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